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PurrPHek Kitty 24PHresh Pops
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PurrPHek Kitty 24PHresh Pops

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    Our PurrPHek Kitty 24PHresh Pops is literally a suppository (insert into vagina) detox for your vagina, it stops yeast infections and odor at the source by cleansing out residue from your cycle, semen, bacteria, inflammation, some infections, mucus (unpleasant discharge), urinary tract infections, helps in tightening the vagina, balances your PH and provide a healthy vaginal environment.

    ***please note that our pops comes in different shades of pink and sometimes clear, it’s just a matter of availability.****


    • Excellent for use at end of the menstrual cycle
    • Excellent for women on Pescatarian diets
    • Excellent for constant yeast infections
    • Excellent for women who struggle with BV
    • Relief from Herpes outbreaks
    • For odorless, tighter Kitty
    • No odor after you use the bathroom
    • No during or after intimacy odor
    • Results within 4 hours
    • Effects lasts all week

    **Not recommended for Pregnant Women**


    Directions For Use: Insert 2 pops immediately after your cycle, wear a liner and no intimacy until 24 hours later.

    Insert 1 or 2 pops 3 times per week if treating yeast or BV.

    Otherwise use 1 to 2 pops once per week for maintenance but not the week of your cycle.

    Star Ingredients:
    Boric Acid & Aloe Vera!


    Boric acid suppositories can be used to treat some types of recurrent vaginal infections. Examples include yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. Using boric acid suppositories as labeled is generally safe.
    Side effects if any are mild and may include vaginal irritation and discharge which goes away on its own within a day.

    Aloe Vera is added since it is also a probiotic for the vagina and will offset any inflammation caused by Boric Acid.


    DISCLAIMER: To be inserted into the vagina (vaginal suppository). Avoid direct contact with eyes and do not ingest. Not recommended for children. If you are pregnant, nursing or under medical care please consult your physician before use. Product has not been evaluated by the FDA and I am not a physician. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Skincare products may cause an allergic reaction. If an allergic reaction occurs 6figures Childcare & SKIN LLC  will not be held liable. Use at your own risk. All products, listings and statements are for informational purposes ONLY and are NOT INTENDED to diagnose, prescribe, treat, cure or prevent any condition, ailment or disease.

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